Rhyll Biest Risk Review

Lily Reviews Rhyll Biest's Risk

Not so long ago, I was in a Twitter conversation where people were discussing menage writers and menage books, and who they think did the genre well.
That happened just as I was into the first twenty pages of Risk. And while there'd been lots of fleeting backstory to suggest how the main character Michael had been party to all kinds of menage action while in Russia a year earlier, nothing of the type had actually happened in Risk as yet. I'm very happy to say it was all just around the corner.
If I'd known how well Rhyll Biest writes dirty good sex at that point, I would have added her name to the conversation.
Risk was about much more than just full-on sex. For a short story, I enjoyed what we were shown of Jane and Michael's relationship. And when the two Russians, Vlad and Lena, from Michael's past catch up with him in Shanghai, I also enjoyed what they added to the dynamic.
I would have liked to explore more of Michael's feelings for Lena, the 'other' woman in his shadier, secret Russian sex life. It's hinted that Lena is in 'love' with him and feels abandoned when Michael leaves Russia. I guess that's what can happen when threesomes or foursomes, become twosomes...
There is so much about Risk that I loved. The writing is snappier than a bull terrier, if this book had any more sass and snark, it might have growled in my hand.
I'll be keen to check out her other novellas, and my next stop will be Russian Heat.