Roz "Grasshopper" Groves


Roz "Grasshopper" Groves

I am a reader of romance, reviewer of books, frustrated writer, wife of tall man, mum to crazy girl, possessor of zero rhythm or athletic prowess, big fan of kittehs.

In the real world, I inhabit a grey cubicle of doom in corporate land. I am the proud owner of a ridiculously out-of-control TBR pile. I'm incredibly passionate about reading and writing, and often have to hold myself back from correcting grammar at highly inappropriate moments. I also have an unfortunate tendency towards laughing until I can’t breathe or speak - usually at entirely random things such as product reviews on Amazon (sugarfree gummy bears, people!).

I've always loved to read. Ever since my mum started me reading when I was two, I have had an all-consuming love for the written word. I will read pretty much anything - biographies, thrillers, cookbooks - but ever since I was a teenager, my favourite genre has been romance. Give me a silver fox or he who wears his Captain Sexypants any day of the week!

Sometimes the books are crazy, sometime they make me cry, sometimes they make me want to jump into the page and slap someone. However, it is all worth it when at the end of a book, you close the cover and make good book noise....(sigh).

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