Sarah Belle on Losing Her Funny

Losing My Funny

The delightful Sarah Belle dropped by Naughty Ninjas to tell us about her search for her funny. I'm sure you can all relate to that moment when you know the charisma has to sparkle, the wit has to twinkle and the magic zing and... then you realise your funny has scurried off for parts unknown.  

A few weeks ago, I lost my FUNNY. It’s been with me for as long as I can remember, and comes in handy seeing as I am an author of ‘Romagic Comedies’  (romantic comedies with a dash of magic).  It’s a bit like a Teacher forgetting how to spell.

 I use my FUNNY daily, whether it be writing a novel, a blog post, dealing with my kids or as a stress release for daily life. I’ve come to rely quite heavily on it, seeing as it’s not socially acceptable to drink Vodka or swallow Valium early in the morning.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it disappeared, but I think it coincided with the commencement of the school holidays – a time when I usually lose my MIND, but not my FUNNY.

I, like most people, have lost many things during my life ; car keys, credit cards, my ability to cook edible meals,  etc. Seeing as I am the mother of 4 boys, I have clearly lost my VIRGINITY, but never my FUNNY.

My SANITY was lost for a period of about six years – back when my hubby and I decided that, seeing as we started a family later in life, we should really get a move on and have all of our children quickly. So, four boys and six years later, my SANITY was lost in a vortex of hormones, severe sleep deprivation and baby poo, wee and vomit. But my FUNNY remained.

I decided to search for my FUNNY in the house. Perhaps the 4 year old wandered off with it and left it shoved in-between the couch cushions with the half-mauled vegetables that he swore were eaten at dinner time? But, alas, all I found was broccoli, squashed peas, Icypole wrappers and Lego.

I had hoped that my FUNNY, like all the WEIGHT I lost, may find me again.  If the cellulite could find its way back onto my bum and thighs, then why couldn’t my FUNNY also return to me? Given a choice between the two, I know which one I’d prefer. After all, I’ve never had to squeeze myself into a pair of jeans and do the zip up with a coat hanger because I’m too FUNNY.


Imagine if Stephen King lost his SPOOKYand wrote with SEXY? Carrie wouldn’t havecommitted mass murder, she would have lead an orgy instead.

Imagine Fifty Shades swapping its SEXY for REALITY. We’d have been left with a really average book...oops.

The same as singers and actors, us writers have a ‘voice’ and when we lose what it is that makes us unique, it kind of renders us useless, stupefied, nuts, blank.  It’s the only thing that separates us from all of the other writers in our genre.

So if anyone spots my FUNNY, could you please tell it to come home -  and to bring a bit of SEXY with it. I’ve got an idea for an erotic comedy...