The Ninja Blog

February is…

National Condom Month

The humble franger goes by many names in many languages: naughty bag, penis hat, hardware holster, insurance glove, bullet-proof vest and safety tool. Just be glad you don’t live in Denmark where you’d need to ask for a svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel.

Want to know how pecker ponchos are made? Or techniques for putting one on? Watch the videos here. To celebrate, the Lady Biest plans to wear a condom ski mask-style all month. How are you going to celebrate?

National Women Inventors Month

Sponsored by the Women Inventorz. The Lady Biest is going to celebrate by building her very own Franken-stud! He’ll be hot and adept at peeling grapes while fanning her lady parts. 

National Spunky Old Broads Month

The Lady Biest thought every month was Spunky Old Broads Month, but apparently not, only February is. If you’re a spunky old broad, or wish you were one, please leave a comment telling us how you’re going to celebrate.

National Library Lovers’ Month

Libraries and librarians are the duck’s nuts. Go have sex with a librarian or at least fondle some of their books. The Lady Biest plans to try to boff at least one librarian a day in February to show her love, and to do some nude camping in her local library between shelves with Dewey Decimal numbers from 700­ to 900. If you’re in the US you can attend events here and anyone can download library love banners and buttons. (Love buttons, tee-hee.) How are you going to celebrate?