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February 14: Not Everyone Loves Valentine's Day


“Valentine's Day is like herpes: just when you think its gone for good, it rears its ugly head once more. No wonder some people prefer to call it VD.” (Source: Be My Anti-valentine)

Think Valentine's Day needs a dynamite suppository? You’re not alone. A whole bunch of homies disagree that Valentine’s Day is super-dooper, smooshy sweet and lovely because only 61% of consumers in the US say they celebrate Valentine’s Day, according to a survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association.

And in other countries the number of haters grows.

In India, Valentine's Day has been criticized as a form of western imperialism and neocolonialism, and political activist Subash Chouhan has threatened to ‘beat up’ couples who hug or kiss in public places on Valentine’s Day.

Iran is not exactly thrilled with cupid-loving cultural contamination from the West, either. In 2011, the state banned the printing and distribution of any goods promoting Valentine’s Day and threatened legal sanctions against those who didn’t comply. While in Malaysia, authorities went a step further and issued a fatwa in 2005 to warn Muslims against celebrating lust-inducing Valentine’s Day and arrested 100 Muslim couples in 2011 who defied the ban.

Likewise, in Saudi Arabia, religious police arrested more than 140 Muslims in 2012 for celebrating the holiday and confiscated all red roses from flower shops.

So if you’re travelling to any of those countries this Valentine’s Day, leave the red roses at home and don’t expect to find any heart-encrusted stuffies in the shops. And for those who truly and deeply despise Valentine's Day (go ahead, raise your hand), you can call those countries your ultimate February holiday destination.