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Hello, Va-jay-jay!

What’s a hot dog without ketchup? A martini without olive? A disco stick without a snizz? Please welcome the va-jay-jay to the Glorious Glossary of Naughty Anatomy.

A glorious vadge-badge handmade by Gemma Flack

A glorious vadge-badge handmade by Gemma Flack

Area 51 The duke was so manly he set Lady Penelope’s Area 51 all a-throb.

Baby Cannon The wet need in her baby cannon grew with every brush of the viscount’s tongue over her nipples.

Breakfast of Champions The earl liked to start his day with the breakfast of champions: a young lady’s healthy snizz.

Clown’s Pocket  Never had Letitia been so overcome with desire before, so that her entire being was focused in that area of her womanhood known as the clown’s pocket.

Dragon's Lair  Since the age of sixteen, Lord Humpjoy had know exactly what his lance was for: penetrating the dragon’s lair.

Dugout  After a long day spent riding to hunt, the duchess had her maid prepare a bath and an icepack for her dugout.

Meat Curtains  “Oh, yes, the earl certainly knows his way around a set of meat curtains.”

Pink Sink  “If I catch you with any of those ballet dancer harlots again, my lord, you’ll never visit my pink sink again.”

Pink Taco  Sir Malcolm could dream of only one thing: Lady Penelope’s lovely pink taco.

Sausage Wallet Lord Upper-class staked his daughter’s sausage wallet while gambling with the Duke of Alphahole and lost.

Snizz (from South Park)  The only way to save Privilege Manor, the marquess decided, was to sell some snizz.

Va-Jay-Jay  Letitia had heard her cousins talking about va-jay-jays and had decided that they must be a type of bird, like the blue jay she’d seen when visiting relatives in the south.

Vertical Smile  Lucretia successfully mooned the duke once his carriage drew abreast of her phaeton but had to chastise the groom for gawping at her vertical smile instead of keeping his eyes on the road.