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March is...

National Umbrella Month: That’s right, March is dedicated to the purchase, use and conversation about umbrella’s. Accuweather (those shameless weather opportunists) created a whole online video celebrating National Umbrella Month.


In Canada, Australia and the US, March is national Women’s History Month. You can read all about Australian women’s history and an event being held in Canberra to celebrate Women’s History Month here. The Lady Biest plans to celebrate by holding a month-long bra-b-que at her place with all the other ninjas, so come on over and toss a bra on the barbie! And if you think suffragettes had it easy, think about the suffrage parade attacked on March 3, 1913 in Washington DC. Of the 5000 women marching 200 were injured, some were spat upon, struck in the face, and pelted with burning cigar stubs while police stood by and watched.

Leave a comment below telling us how long you think it takes for a bra to burn.

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