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March 15 is...

penis festival.jpg

The Penis Festival in Japan, also known as Kanamara Matsuri  (Festival of the Steel Phallus), a Shinto tradition which takes place at a shrine in the Kawasaki district. During the festival, care must be taken to avoid getting poked in the eye by the profusion of penises in the form of illustrations, candy, carved vegetables and decorations. What's it all about? One story is that the locals believed that a sharp-toothed demon was hiding inside the vagina of a young woman and castrated two young men on their wedding nights. The only natural defence against this was to get the local blacksmith to forge an iron phallus which the demon's teeth would break on. The solution must have worked and the iron phallus was enshrined. Plus, any excuse to carry a giant schlong around the city and to eat cock-shaped candy. The Lady Biest could go a cocksicle right now. How will you celebrate Kanamara Matsuri?