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March 16 is...

Lips outline copy.jpg

Lips Appreciation Day. 

Is it a coincidence that Lips Appreciation Day is right next to the Penis Festival? The Naughty Ninjas think not.

But aside from that, lips are pretty useful for a number of purposes (so don’t lose them) and here are some things you might not have known about your lips:

  • Kissing allows the selection of potential mates because the close contact is conducive to the exchange of biological information, i.e. sniffing one another's pheromones.
  • Scottish psychologist Stuart Brody found that women with a prominent tubercle of the upper lip are better able to achieve vaginal orgasm.
  • Lips don’t sweat.

The Lady Biest plans to celebrate Lips Appreciation Day by pouting the whole day, listening to Mick Jagger sing and wearing Max Factor's Knob-gobbler Number Nine. On her mimsy. Just kidding. How are you going to celebrate?