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March 9 is...

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Frozen Dead Guy Days is a celebration which started in 2002 in the town of Nederland, Colorado. Celebratory activities from Friday through Sunday on the first full weekend of March include events such as coffin races, a slow-motion parade, and "Frozen Dead Guy" lookalike contests.

According to Wikipedia the story behind Frozen Dead Guy Days is that in 1989, a Norwegian citizen named Trygve Bauge brought his grandfather, Bredo Morstøl, to the United a corpse preserved in dry ice. From 1990 to 1993 the body was stored in liquid nitrogen at the Trans Timecryonics facility before being whacked back in dry ice for a fun family trip to the town of Nederland.

Trygve Bauge and his mother, Aud, had big plans to build a cryonics facility in Nederland but their plans came unstuck when Trygve was deported from the United States for overstaying his visa and Aud was evicted from her home for living without electricity or plumbing, a violation of local ordinances.

When Aud voiced her concerns to reporters that the eviction might cause her father’s body— kept cryogenically frozen in a shack behind her unfinished house—to thaw. Along with a couple of other dead guys. Always a big fan of frozen dead guys, the media ran with the story and a swell of civic sympathy saw the local Tuff Shed supplier and a Denver radio station build a new shed to house Grandpa Bredo.

Nederland now holds this celebration annually in honour of their most unique resident.