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Looking for some mo-tivation this month?

Try following the glorious Mo Bros and gender-bending Mo Sistas this month as they sport dubious moustaches and compete in mo-challenges all in the name of raising charity dollars for men’s health. Movember, originally a small Melbourne event in 2003, is now a global phenomenon that raised $120 million last year alone. That means it's roolly, roolly big.

But there’s something the Movember organisers don’t know—that the whole concept of Movember is intrinsically, nay, outrageously, sexy and romantic because every fibre of a woman's being is honed to respond to an impressive mo. 

Which means hair is not the only thing that will sprout during the 30 days of Movember, nay, many will have to navigate the shark-infested waters of mo-induced passion.

The Naughty Ninjas have run out of fingers to count the number of co-workers who have stained their dusty formica desks with salty tears as they sob out tales of sexual frustration whipped up by Movember.

The ninja sisterhood is always torn. Should we tear the blindfold of mo-passion from their eyes by telling them it won’t last, or encourage them to pursue their fuzztastic dreams? 

Come December, we know we’ll be offering the same words of comfort to at least one office Mo Bro ho devastated by a mo being shaved off.

But whether you’re a recovering mo-ho or mo neophyte, try our hairy flash fiction under the Coffeelandia page, where you’ll find a different hirsute stud for every night of the week.