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February 28 is…



Tooth Fairy Day

The tooth fairy is not to be confused with Hammaspeikko the Finnish tooth troll who, lured by candy eating, drill holes into teeth and is only scared away by tooth brushing.

The preoccupation with managing lost baby teeth dates back to the Middle Ages when children in England were instructed to burn their baby teeth in order to save the child from spending eternity searching for them in the afterlife.

Meanwhile, the fearsome Vikings paid children for their teeth and made necklaces from them to bring good luck in battle.

But the best reason for burning or burying baby teeth was to keep them out of the hands of witches. Medieval Europeans believed that if a witch were to gain possession of one of your teeth, it would give them total power over you.

Since the Lady Biest is totally witchy, she’s going to celebrate Tooth Fairy Day by cracking out her collection of stolen baby teeth and casting some spells. How will you celebrate?

tooth fairy.jpg