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Lust Object: Derpy Hooves Plush Toy

Derpy Hooves.jpg

Does the Brony gentleman in your life make little squee noises when he sees My Little Pony on the TV screen first thing in the morning? Or maybe he has box sets, posters, T-shirts and underpants advertising his love of this cartoon crew to the world. Well, we've got a little something extra you can add to his already near-complete existence.

Because while you may not know it, there is a hole in your gentleman's life. It's a gaping chasm of angst, if you will.

After Derpygate, where the mentally challenged hooved horsie, Derpy Hooves was eradicated from the My Little Pony show, Bronies worldwide were traumatized.  Oh yes. Severely traumatized... and suffering in silence.

But never fear! You can now help your loved one heal the wounds dealt by this travesty by giving him the Derby Hooves Plush Toy.

Buy it for your Brony and watch him hug it, caress it, squeeze it while looking at you with the kind of adoration that only a man who loves a kid's TV show can feel.