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March 29 is... The Day The Niagara Needed Viagra

Today is ‘Niagra Falls Runs Dry Day’. On this day in 1848, Niagra Falls, which normally pours at staggering rate of 567,811 litres of water per second, dried to nary a drop, not even a pearl of wet stuff. 

Did it have a prostate problem?  A shy bladder, perhaps? No, it was constipated – by enormous chunks of ice from Lake Erie. Ouch!

The cold spell, resulting in many an erect nipple, caused the frozen Niagra Falls river system to form a natural dam, blocking the flow of water to less than diddly squat.

On March 31 the river system was given a warming enema, to the tune of a balmy 16 degrees Celsius wind shift, upon which the ice broke up and normal water works resumed.

This is the only time in recorded history that Niagra has dried up, with the exception of a 1969 US Army Engineers diversion of the river for remedial work.