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April 12 is... National Licorice Day

Bright colours, sugar, licorice jewelry—it’s the perfect storm as far as the Lady Biest is concerned. She’ll be holding her own licorice tasting parting in bed, with twenty of her closest friends, and you don’t wanna know where she’s gonna hide those assorted licorice twists for her friends to find. Do the Naughty Ninjas have licorice romance for you? Hell, yeah:

In Licorice Whips by Bridget Midway, "Sweet" Hawkes is a BDSM dominant who has lost his smile. Although he loves the candy store called Decadent Treats that he co-owns with his brother, Masaun, he's lost the passion he had for making treats for his customers.

Awww, poor Hawkes, all that candy and no one to whip. The Lady Biest also found Justin Bieber fanfic involving licorice while searching the internets, but refuses to talk about it...