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May 23 is… World Turtle Day

Ninjas who read the Naughty Nature page and Grammar Ninjas will know all about the saucy turtle and its enormous DONG. World Turtle Day has nothing to do with enormous dongs, but if you choose to dress as a turtle to celebrate you should probably aim for anatomical correctness. Just sayin’.

Turtle reads…

The Turtle Diaries by Russell Hoban

A divorced used-book store owner, a successful writer of children’s books, each irresistibly drawn to the turtle tank at the London Zoo with a mind “full of turtle thoughts” wondering how the creatures might be freed. This one looked a real winner to us.

Turtle Island Series by Kim Law

All three titles are set on the fictional Turtle Island, and while all three books have mixed reviews, you can always engage in ‘safe reading’ (the reading equivalent of safe sex) by reading the first chapter on Amazon to see if the author’s style is your cup of turtle. Ah, tea.