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August 18 is... Bad Poetry Day

small poetry.jpg

There are those who walk among us for whom the old adage rings true: Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. This International Bad Poetry Day, celebrate the creative genius that seems to have bypassed these plucky little wordsmiths.

Revel in the poetry of the Thighmistress (Suzanne Somers) and her exploration of organic cuisine and aggressive protein. Then go clean up that unfortunate stain that Jim Morrison would have left after sacrificing his cock on the altar of silence. Finally, fan yourself after reading Joyce Kilmer’s twelve lines of rhyming couplets of iambic tetrameter verse about a tree getting freaky on the boobs of Mother Earth.

So, poets of the world, don’t you let a little thing like complete lack of ability stop you from pumping out that literary toilet paper! Today is your day! 


Some bad ninja poetry

my love is a microwave oven,

it heats from the inside,

i pierce your wrapping with a fork

then warm you with my desire

for five minutes on setting number nine.


More bad ninja poetry

A Merkin made of gold,

Hides the  snizz, not so bold,

To vajazzle your mimsy,

Is to partake in glorious whimsy.