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September 6 is… World Fight Procrastination Day


On World Fight Procrastination Day, the Beanie Queen will leap out of bed and shout “Today, I just do it!”

She will be a ball-busting twizzle-twirling high-kicking Nike-parrotting bundle of hyper ninja energy who shall DO DO DO all day long achieving momentous things upon a ticked-off TO DO list!

Yes! A list.

Wait. Two lists! A TO DO list and a DO NOT DO list.

That’s what is needed on World Fight Procrastination Day. On the TO DO list she will write the *thing* she must do today. Or is it *things*? Whatever. She will do this first.

Upon the DO NOT DO list she will write everything she will not do, until she has done the thing she’s been putting off. You know, the *thing* on the TO DO list. (Or *things*...)

So a Beanie Queen DO NOT DO list will have things like:

  • Do not log on to Facebook
  • Do not check Twitter
  • Keep off Goodreads
  • Do not take a sneaky ninja peek at Amazon just in case His Brand Of Beautiful is sitting in the Top Paid 100 list
  • Do not clean anything
  • Do not load/unload the dishwasher or wash dishes
  • Bake nothing
  • Plan no future events
  • Invite no friends anywhere for anything
  • Accept no sneaky invitations anywhere at all
  • Do not go for a walk/run/jog/roller-blade/game of golf first to clear my head on the odd chance it helps me do the *thing*
  • Telephone/text no one. Not even my mother about sewing that button.
  • Do no shopping (grocery/bookstore/fuel/curtains/garden gnomes/beanies)
  • Do not do anything AT ALL except the *thing*

Yes, the Beanie Queen is the Queen of a good list.

But wait!

First things first. The Beanie Queen must THROW BACK THE COVERS before she leaps out of bed!

And she must make a cup of tea...

Put ‘make tea’ at the top of the TO DO list! Before the *thing*...

From my pink beanie to yours, good luck doing your *thing* today! Or is that *things*? Whatever.

Go do it.

But make a list first. Two lists.

ps: oh, and if you have little ninja children like the Beanie Queen, do feed them, clothe them, clean their teeth, pack them a lunchbox and send them off to school. And do pick them up again.

Otherwise. Do nothing. Except what’s on the TO DO list!

pps: oh, and if you have a day job - do go to it - unless you plan to call in sick. In that case put ‘Call In Sick’ underneath ‘make tea’ on the TO DO list!

Go on. Now do it. Go make your lists. Two lists.

Over and out.

Are you still there? You should be making lists! Hop to it.

A good list is the key to World Fighting Procrastination Day.

Otherwise, you’re still here. Surfing the mighty Internets. Pedal to the metal lady, get OFF the internet and make a list. Do it now. Right now. No ifs, no buts. WRITE that list!

Ppps: Two lists!