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January 18 is...Thesaurus Day

Why say ‘chimney sweep’ when you can say ‘ramoneur’? 

True thesaurus lovers never settle for ‘beat’ when they can use ‘vapulate’, and scour conversations for opportunities to use words like ‘wanion’ (bad luck due to the waning of the moon).

They also love to write letters to editors complaining about verbigeration (the senseless reiteration of clichés) and smatchets (small nasty people) and slubberdegullions (slovenly people).

Celebrate Thesaurus Day by matching the words with their correct meanings below. You can check your answers at the Luciferous Logilepsy website.

 1.     rantallion

2.     skoptsy

3.     vagitus

4.     irrumation

5.     fefnicute

a)    baby’s first cry

b)   one whose scrotum is longer than his penis

c)    hypocrite; sneak

d)   fellatio

e)    self-castration.