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The Coffee Is Revolting…

How many times have you heard the expression “less than the price of a cup of coffee”?

It’s a really (really) popular marketing for e-books because, well, most e-books cost less than the price of a cup of coffee.

But! Did anyone stop to ask how coffee feels about such price exploitation? Do e-books make coffee feel anxious about being over-priced? The liquid equivalent of mutton dressed as lamb?

Do you think coffee analyses all the sweeping statements said about it and stares in the mirror asking itself “but which brand of coffee?” “Are they talking instant or real?” “Gloria Jeans or Dome?” “Do they mean Barista blend, or what George Glooney drinks, or that muck we have in the lunch room at work?”

The coffee wants a break from the e-book comparisons. You know it.

We challenge e-book authors to come up with an alternative comparison to sell their book, and because she’s a helpful kind of ninja, Lily found some alternatives.

Yes. It’s a spaghetti strainer (I think). When I price-checked it, it was less than $4.

Or there’s these:


But that’s kind of long to tweet. See how coffee suffers from being only six letters long?

But wait. There’s more... just look at what coffee has to put up with? It’s hardly fair now is it?

We need a new hashtag. It should be: #NotExploitingCoffee

I’m starting now! I promise never to do the “Less than a price of a cup of coffee” thing with one of my books, ever again.

Dear Coffee, I hope you’re grateful.

Love Lily