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India's romance-writing dudes

Anuj Tiwari

Anuj Tiwari

Did you know that there's a booming romance fiction industry in India and it's biggest stars ARE DUDES?

I came across this fascinating perspective about Indian MEN who write romance novels in India. They have huge…followings. In fact, these dudes are more popular than Indian female romance authors. You can check out some of them on Facebook and Amazon India and see just how popular they are.  They are so wildly popular, I think I'll quit writing right now.  Or maybe not.

Go ahead. Click the link and read the article. You may find the cultural perspective quite interesting and eye opening, especially after you read how, when asked if men are emotionally capable of writing about matters of heart, author Faraaz Kazi said “ Men are as romantic and emotional as women; it is just that they do not display their emotionally [sic] openly."  

Okay. men don't show how they feel and that makes an Indian man a better romance writer because...? I'm confused. I'm I'm gonna get more WTF in a second. Another author, Durjoy Datta, believes male Indian romance authors are more successful than female authors because, “romance books written by women are too high on emotional quotient. Men are not equipped with to deal with that kind of high emotion.” Yes, Indian men just as emotional as women, as Kazi said, AND not equipped to deal with emotion,as Datta says.

Hang on, there's more. 25 year-old Anuj Tiwari, explains it further. He says, "In India men are more romantic than women. Unlike in the west, women are more practical in India, which is why most women writers in the west are women..."

Got it? 

Yeah, me neither. 

So let's recap:  Women authors are too high in emotion, Impractical = romantic, and women writers are...women? 

Truth be told,  I think it's rather amazeballs that in India men are the ones writing the most successful romance--for whatever reason they think makes them über successful.  I DO wonder if they get the same flack western women romance authors get, and if their work is as dismissed and belittled as that of western women romance writers. 

Confession time. The ONE thing in this article that really and truly frightened me, that freaked me out and made me quiver in my size five red cowboy boots, is this:  Sudeep Nagarkarm wrote a romance novel in "thirty days flat." It takes me 9 months to a year. A YEAR. 

I've never read a romance novel penned by an Indian man. Perhaps it's time I did. I could learn to be less practical, more romantic and...faster.