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Ebooks versus print books, the grudge match

Why cats hate ebooks.

Why cats hate ebooks.

Coke versus Pepsi, crumping versus twerking, these are the great questions of our time...along with ebooks versus print books. 

Really there’s no reason to choose between the two (unless you enjoy watching Luddites mud wrestle tech nerds) but for romance and erotica readers there’s really no question as to which is the better option, and the reasons boil down to availability, anonymity and access. 

Availability: Can readers buy a copy of Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends in print? Nope. What about Taken by the Toaster? No. And Taken for Ice Cream: My Billionaire Unicorn T-Rex Shifter 1? Again, no. All of these literary gems are only available as ebooks. 

Anonymity: In addition, like gingers, Huguenots and fans of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, romance readers are a persecuted group. With their reading tastes ridiculed by all and sundry, is it any wonder then that when travelling by plane or train romance readers (Roz Groves, I’m looking at you) prefer the anonymity provided by a Kindle cover rather than outing themselves by flaunting a paperback with a bronzed Fabio clutching a woman to his nether regions? Ebooks can also provide privacy at home, too, particularly for mothers who don’t want to be asked by their five-year-old at the dinner table what ‘suspension bondage’ means. 

Access: Just as the internet provided billions with easy access to porn, ebooks provided romance readers with shame-free access to their chosen genre. No longer do they have to sidle up to the library counter with a copy of Ravished by the Rutabaga wedged between two classics, or risk the sneers of uppity sales clerks at bookstores. Instead, all they have to do is hit the One Click button on the Amazon website and the Kindle copy of Punished by the Potato is theirs. 

In fact, the only disadvantage of ebooks from the point of view of erotica and romance readers is that if you hurl your e-reader at a wall to express your dissatisfaction with a story, it’s going to cost you a lot more than the price of the ebook you purchased. But canny readers know that e-reader hurling is not worth the effort—if Pregnesia proves to be a disappointment, there’s always the sequel to Pet to the Tentacle Monsters! to be had for just ninety-nine cents. Because ebooks are usually way cheaper than paper books.

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