Writing Ninjitsu

Writing Ninjitsu

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Get your ninjitsu freak on here, ninjas.

Twerking tropes, extreme editing, pimptastic marketing, shagalicious genres (were-porpoise erotica, anyone?) and cast-iron craft tips. If the ninjas tell you writing with a dead beaver on your head is the secret to penning a best-seller, you can take it to the bank.
























Lily Sets Us Straight on Setting

Is your story's setting interchangeable? Does it matter? (Read More...)

Sarah Belle's Mighty Editing Underpants

Sarah Belle gets up close and personal with editing. (Read More...)


Cate Ellink Talks Dreams

Get your snoozing caps on... (Read More...)

Treadmill Desk Love (or Rhyll’s Deadly Treadly)

Rhyll explains why her treadmill desk is the duck's nuts.


Why can't a broad have acne in Romancelandia?

Georgina 'Glitterpants' Penney challenges the 'clear complexion' rule in romance.


The Lure of the Enemies-to-Lovers Trope

Rhyll Biest likes her romance feisty. (Read More...)


Ten essential German words and phrases for lovers.

Rhyll Biest gives you a naughty lesson in language. (Read More...)



Getting Abused By Your Muse

Andra Ashe asks whether or not there's a remedy (Read More...)



Tell Me A Story...

Rhyll talks audio book narration. (Read More...)



Damn You, Back Cover Blurb!

Lily Malone shakes her fist at one of the peskiest things in a writer's existence.



Cate Ellink's Split Writing Persona

Cate talks about the different sides of her personality that contribute to her writing awesome. (Read More...)


The Art of Reviewing

Ninja Grasshopper and mistress of My Written Romance, Roz Groves talks about the fine art of reviewing books. (Read More...)


Why The Overuse of "I" Makes Sarah Bell Mad

Sarah Belle gets feisty over the overuse of "I." (Read More...)


Why Do Australian Authors Spell Funny?

Rhyll gives you the run down on the difference between Australian, British and American spelling. (Read More...)



Spot The Newtonian Mechanics In Your Writing.

Andra ‘the Madam’ Ashe puts her sexy lab coat on and tells us why Newton’s third law of physics applies to fiction. (Read More...)


Why Podcasts are Awesome

Georgina tells you how you can use podcasts to improve your writing and researching. (Read More...)



Hummingbird Versus Bear With Sore Dick: The Grudge Match

Rhyll talks about the special altered mind states that makes her the truly awesome author she is. (Read. More...)



Ninjas Don't Like Surprises

Lily's been thinking about Point of View. (Read More...)


It's War On Shitty Covers

Rhyll gets down and dirty and wages war on shitty covers. (Read More...)


How Housework and No Plotting = Happily Ever After

Sandra's going to tell you a story about writing a good story. It's sneaky. (Read More...)



Tailoring Learning To Your Needs

Gather around ninjas. Cate talks about how to make the thinky stuff work for you. (Read More...)


Choosing And Working With Professional Editors

Georgina gives you the lowdown on how not to go crazy with this editing business. (Read More...)


Amphibians in folklore and fiction

Rhyll gets it on froggy style in a totally consensual, interesting, non awkward way. (Read More...)